Ashlee is your fun loving, always finding joy, attention to detail photographer. She has had the pleasure of being a part of over 150 weddings and loved every moment. She believes there is something so amazing about being able to be by the side of so many couples on their wedding day, and wishes she could explain in words how much she enjoys what she does. 

Her main goal is to make sure you’re comfortable, always looking your best, and having the time of your life in front of the camera. When you think back on your time together, She wants you to feel good and be able to remember how much fun you had making these memories together. 

A little bit more about Ashlee , she used to work in the aviation industry and loves iced soy lattes. She has a new goal of trying the chilaquiles whenever she is traveling somewhere new. The farthest place she has traveled is to the Philippines and loves music, all kinds! 

She can’t wait to join you on this adventure! 

Ashlee cole

associate photographer