In Emmalee's family art always means adventure! An excuse to get out of bed early to capture the frost as it clings to the trees. A chance to meet someone new or go somewhere we've never been! After earning her BA at Columbia College Chicago Emmalee went searching for more adventures as a photojournalist. She learned so much while hunting down stories and allowing moments to unfold. She found ways to tell a story, visually, with only a few inches of space on a printed page.

After shooting her first wedding she was hooked! She loves how a wedding day is an open invitation to observe and be a part of such an important moment in two people's lives. In no other situation do emotions shine through so strongly. She strives to tell couples' stories and seeks to capture the love and joy in every moment. She looks for every sentimental detail and knows how important it is to your story to capture the grand sunset portrait, as well as the small reassuring touch. She understands that a wedding is the culmination of so many details and she can't wait to capture them all! Your family, friends, the big laughs, the silly dances, the joyful tears all coming together to tell your story. 

Let's make something beautiful together and let's make even better memories! 


associate photographer